"Finding yourself at a valley, you see nothing but the path you have been following, and the horizon of your perception is limited to what lies near. Finding yourself at the top of a hill, you have a broader supervision of the surrounding space and so can make out alternative pathways and walk along, sort out targets, and gaze imperturbably at the horizon." 
 Charis Katakis “The tame snake of god”

Charis Katakis - Psychologist

CHARIS KATAKIS, Ph.D. psychologist, is the founder and president of the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations, which is involved in diverse activities (therapy, training, research, community work, organizational activities and publications). Following a systemic view of life and sciences it has developed original theoretical conceptualizations, methodologies and applications which enhance growth and integration.
For over 30 years it offers counseling and therapy services to individuals, couples, families, training and supervision to a wide range of professionals and organizations, organizes regularly seminars, workshops and conferences and is involved in research and publications.